Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scene 4 -- Attack of the Trees

18th of Spark

(Chaos 5: Expected Scene -- arrive in Breem, meet Cil-Drith, get information about what lies ahead. BUT, Mythic roll of 4 -- Interrupt Scene (44 -- move toward a thread; Fight/Attention), which made me think of the thread of Zilwen's dislike of forests. Again for languages, Grenis will appear in green; the normal Mergan will appears as normal text.)

As the party pushed through the Dark Woods, suddenly Zilwen went sprawling. As he attempted to get back up on his four feet, a low branch (as if in a strong wind -- but there was no wind) swung and knocked Zilwen back down.

As he attempted once again to stand, a large come fell from a branch and conked him on the head. "Stop, please. You must know that it was a mistake" called out Zilwen.

"Nevertheless, you were warned to stay out of the woods." said a Dryad as she stepped from her tree.
"Gralarren was but a young Dryad and you should have been more careful of your arrows."

Glenrick interjected, "Gracious lady, we needs must travel amidst thy lovely trees in order to avoid enemies. Yon young centaur resisted entering, but we gave him no choice . . . and now we are bound to see Cil-Drith to ask for aid in leaving your fair desmense. So say I, Glenrick of the Yalf."

"Ye speak with wise tongue, Glenrick of the Yalf. I be Daanlaria, Dryad of the Dark Woods. Yet the centaur needs to pay for his transgretion for entering my desmense." replied the dryad. "For he slew Gralarren with a foul arrow."

"Yet assuredly the bolt was not intended to strike your kinswoman," replied Glenrick. "Thou canst see that even now he is but young himself. Surely he was but a colt when this deed was done."

"'twas indeed an accident, Dryad Daanlaria, and one that I rued then and every day since. Still, it was a fault which I own to. I am prepared to suffer your justice . . . but know that these, my companions, know nothing of the sad events by the shores of the Lake of the Crown Beast. Do not punish them for what they knew not of." spake Zilwen.

"Very well. Your words are mete. This then is thy forfeit, the rest of thy party must proceed to Breem, but thou shalt spend the next five nights with the dryads of this wood, doing our bidding and bedding as we demand. The sixth night shalt thou spend with me -- and if thy servicing be pleasing to me, I shalt lift the curse from thee. Thus rule I, Daanlaria of the Dark Woods."

"Come," said Glenrick to the others. "Zilwen must remain with the dryads for a week and a day. He will meet us in Breem."

And so it was that all save Zilwen proceeded to their judgement at Breem, there to await the eventual return of Zilwen if his service to the dryads be deemed acceptible to them . . . and the mystery of why Zilwen shunned the woods was solved.

(to be continued)


  1. Glenrick
  2. Helga
  3. Jack
  4. Nikos
  5. Yobella
  6. Zilwen
NPCs Present:
  1. Agatehead (mule)
  2. Brambles (mule)
  3. Feovass (elf)
  4. Cernalin (elf)
  5. Daanlaria of the Dark Woods (dryad)
NPCs Elsewhere:
  1. UNKNOWN ENEMY of Zilwen's Family
  2. Wenthar (Zilwen's father)
  3. Cil-Drith (elf leader)
  • Escort Zilwen Home
  • Avoid Detection by Unknown Enemy
  • Survive Examination at Breem
  • Find out who "warned" Elves about "monster"
  • How does Zilwen fare during the Dryads' justice

Abelard de Amber
(presumed dead)


  1. Will you split the focus of your narrative here, or will Zilwen just be "off-screen" for the next scene? (Poor Zilwen...such a penanace...)

  2. JF,

    At present the plan is to focus on the "main group" at Breem (presuming that Mythic allows them to make it there) . . . but as I'm finding out, sometimes plans go awry.

    -- Jeff

  3. Jeff - Don't forget I'm no Fantasy buff, so I get lost sometimes. I take it that a "Dryad" is a tree spirit?
    Apart from that I can see the narrative is moving along very nicely. And has a good storyline.


  4. Steve,

    Yes, you are correct. I'm sorry that I didn't make that clear. A dryad is "tree spirit" and is from Greek mythology, which is one of the reasons that the centaur (also from Greek mythology) was familiar with her language.

    -- Jeff