Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fangharm's Calendar

Since I will be using dates, I should summarize Fangharm's calendar. There are 12 months of 20 days each. A week lasts 5 days. Here are the months.

Spring (the season of AIR):
  • month of Still
  • month of Breeze
  • month of Gale
Summer (the season of FIRE):
  • month of Spark
  • month of Blaze
  • month of Ash
Autumn (the season of EARTH):
  •  month of Mountain
  • month of Rock
  • month of Sand
Winter (the season of WATER):
  • month of Drip
  • month of Stream
  • month of Pond
    The date is important for spellcasters (but unnecessary to explain here). This calendar also makes it easy to establish a date. Roll 1d12 for month and 1d20 for day. For example, I just rolled 4 and 16 . . . so the campaign will begin on the 16th of Spark.

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