Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Pause Before the Storm

Okay, I think that I've set up most of what I need to before beginning the actual Mythic Quest Adventure.

But I'm going to take a few days to re-read the Mythic GM Emulator and Variations to make sure that I've got things straight in my head.

Well as straight as they can be with the pain pills I'm currently on (I've got some "kidney gravel" moving through my system -- sand-sized kidney stones).

Also this will give any readers a chance to make any comments about what I might have missed.

-- Jeff


  1. I've played AD&D since the early 80's and I do miss that experience at times, so color me interested in your project, Jeff.

  2. Looks great so far! I wish you would all stop tempting me with other gaming genres! (just kidding - lol; I'll be follwing with interest)

  3. First time I've taken a look here Jeff. Looks like a super start to me.
    Although I don't play any Fantasy games myself, I will be following the activities here with interest. Can't wait. Maybe a few other 'Mythic' gamers will follow your (our) example and be persuaded to set up their own storyline blogs. I, for one, would love to read their experiences as well. Wouldn't you?


  4. This is really good, I want to see more.... a lot more please.

    Lady Floss x